For decades, animal right advocates have been fighting to end the cruel practices of animal testing. Animals like rabbits, mice, non-human primates, cats, and dogs are commonly used in experiments to test the effects of everything from makeup and cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. Treated like disposable objects rather than living beings who experience pain, these innocent animals are forced to endure lives filled with fear and agony in laboratories while they are poked, prodded, infected, and forced to ingest drugs that have permanent damaging effects on them.

A petition on Care2 written by PETA states that several institutions, including Texas A&M University, the University of Missouri, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and France’s Alfort National Veterinary school, have been conducting ongoing laboratory tests on dogs for experiments on progressive muscular degeneration. As a result, these innocent dogs are permanently losing their muscle functions and are unable to walk or swallow.

As the petition explains, these tests have not led to any advancements in treating humans with muscular dystrophy, and, in fact, some of the tests have had opposite effects on humans. There are more effective and humane methods, and it is high time the suffering of lab animals ends now.

The petition is demanding that these laboratories end all animal tests, release the animals to rescues, and opt for humane test methods. If you agree with PETA that these tests need to end now, please take a moment to sign the petition and share with your network to help educate your friends and family about the grim reality of animal testing.

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