Wonderful news! The Pit Bull Ban in Montreal is officially over!

In September of 2016, Montreal’s city councilors passed absurd breed-specific legislation (BSL) against Pit Bulls that essentially outlawed the breed, due to the irrational fear that this “dangerous” breed would attack innocent citizens. No dog considered a Pit Bull was allowed to be adopted from shelters and so, all dogs that didn’t have an “owner” at the time of the legislation were to be euthanized (thankfully, many veterinarians disagreed with the bill so much they refused to euthanize Pit Bulls that don’t have a record of biting or were perfectly healthy). As for people who already owned Pit Bulls, they were forced to follow stringent rules.


Understandably, Pit Bull lovers worldwide were outraged and the legislation was challenged in a lawsuit filed by the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Thankfully, in November of 2017, Valérie Plante, the newly elected mayor of Montreal promised to repeal the breed-specific restrictions and she did! The provisions of the bylaw targeting Pit Bulls have now been dropped!

“Montreal is a welcoming city for pet owners and will remain so,” Coun. Craig Sauvé told CBC. We are glad the city of Montreal understands that all dogs should be welcome! Not to mention breed-specific legislation is notoriously ineffective and has not helped lower the numbers of dog bite attacks … at all … in any place it has been implemented.

Sadly, Pit Bulls are still the most wrongly marginalized in the U.S. and many other parts of the world. These dogs carry the burden of years of false stigma and myths that they are naturally vicious animals when actually, this stereotype comes from the fact that they are frequently abused and misused in illegal dogfighting rings.

When given the chance, Pit Bulls can be very loving companions, and in some communities, they have even become heroes, saving people and their guardians from harm. Some even protect citizens by using their talents by working on a police force!


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Image Source: artbycharlotte/Pixabay