When male cows are born into the dairy industry, they are considered a “waste” because they cannot produce milk, so they’re typically sent to the veal industry only moments after birth. They’re then put in crates, isolated from their mothers and deprived of all care. The veal industry is truly horrific, but thankfully for two steers who were previously destined to be slaughtered for veal at a young age, their grim fate changed for the better.

Six years ago when Peanut and Cocoa were less than a week old, they were rescued from the veal industry. For the first few years of their lives, they lived at Farm Sanctuary’s Southern California Shelter.



One of their rescuers, volunteer, and now shelter manager, Alicia, would visit the pair often and the friendship between Alicia and Peanut blossomed.


When Peanut and Cocoa were calves, Alicia helped bottle-feed them on occasion. Cocoa is a bit more reserved, but Peanut was very open about his unabashed love for Alicia.



When they were two years old, Peanut and Cocoa moved up to Farm Sanctuary’s Northern California Shelter, where they could enjoy more space.

Peanut & Cocoa

But don’t think Peanut doesn’t remember Alicia! Although they don’t see each other as often, when Alicia visits a couple times a year, Peanut comes running when she calls – instantly recognizing her.


Cows are just like our cats and dogs. They crave affection and enjoy building bonds and relationships with others – no matter the species. Sadly, because cows and other farm animals are typically considered “food,” they are treated like commodities rather than individuals. Most never get to experience the incredible bonds of family or friendship. Instead, they are subjected to a life filled with fear, stress, and sadness – but we can change that.

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Image source: Farm Sanctuary