Whether they’re combing through dozens of miles of uncharted territory or sticking their head in every nook and cranny of your house, if there’s one thing that’s true about cats, it’s that they love to explore. Combine this with the fact that cats are amazing upward climbers and you can see how these two positive qualities might add up to a possible negative.

Captain Kirk the cat is a living example of what happens when a cat bites off more than he can chew. This daredevil kitty was found on a ledge on the 20th floor of a nearby apartment building by his current guardian.

According to his rescuers and soon-to-be parents, Captain Kirk seemed pretty calm, as if the towering ledge were a common resting spot for him. (Knowing cats, it probably was.) But the people who found him knew that all it would take was an aggressive bird or a sharp gust of wind to send the unassuming cat tumbling to the concrete below.

He doesn’t look that concerned. But this is a very dangerous situation.

After a bit of coaxing, Kirk’s guardian was able to lure him inside with some food. The poor cat was skinny, dirty, and tired but completely uninjured much to his new guardian’s delight.


They searched to see if Kirk had a guardian for some time, but no one came forward. After a while, they decided to keep him and Kirk certainly didn’t object. He was given a bath, given his vaccinations, and fed a nice healthy meal.

Yeah, he’s not going anywhere.

Of course, his new parents did the responsible thing and got him neutered!


Captain Kirk the cat now spends most of his time being pampered, chasing things, and sleeping. Just as every cat should.

This is one photogenic feline!


The lesson to take away from this one is that love really can come from anywhere, even random ledges hundreds of feet in the air. So keep your eyes peeled! You never know when (or where) you might find a new family member.

All image source: Imgur