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Despite their known intelligence, familial bonds, and obvious ability to suffer and feel pain, pigs are among some of the most abused animals in the world today. They, along with other farm animals, are locked up by the billions in factory farms around the world.

Confined for the majority of their lives, it is at these so-called “farms” where they live, suffer, and die day in and day out without ever having the chance to experience natural behaviors or even feel the sun and grass.

Breeding pigs in particular often live in the very worst conditions of all meat industry pigs.

“For several years, they’re confined to crates that nearly immobilize them, enduring a cycle of repeated impregnation. These individual cages are approximately 2 feet wide—so small the animals can’t even turn around or take more than a step forward or backward,” as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports.

In an effort to raise awareness about their plight, the HSUS took to the streets with a real gestation crate, challenging passersby to “The Great Crate Challenge.”

“We went to the streets to see how people would fare being locked in a metal crate so small they couldn’t touch their toes or even turn around,” the HSUS tells OGP.

To help pigs suffering in U.S. factory farms, please share this video with your social media followers and be sure to sign this petition today urging the National Pork Board to end the use of gestation crates.