Just by looking at Corduroy the 26-year-old cat, you can tell that there is something special about him. He has an air wisdom in his eyes – and considering the fact that he now holds the title of “World’s Oldest Cat,” he certainly should!

According to UK Paper The Daily Mail, this remarkable feline was adopted from a shelter by Ashley Reed Okura, back in 1989, when she was just six years old! Many people who adopt pets at such a young age forget about them as they grow up and go off the college. But this dedicated cat guardian truly understands the meaning of a life-long commitment, as twenty years later, she is still loyal to the feisty Maine Coon cat. According to Okura, Corduroy remains in remarkably good health, despite being 121 years old in cat years.


Now that he is officially the world’s oldest cat, recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records, Corduroy has become quite the celebrity. He has an Instagram page with thousands of followers. Aside from a special diet to maintain kidney health, Ashley says she attributes his amazing longevity to living an active life, in their wooded home of Sisters, Oregon. Perhaps it is the crisp, fresh air that has kept this fluffy darling in such tip-top shape! As Ashley and her husband Aaron Okuru prepare to start a family next year, they look forward to introducing Corduroy to his human siblings. For anyone who is hesitant to adopt an older animal because they don’t think they will get to live a long life together, this story serves as a great reminder that with love and attention, senior pets can be awesome, too!

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