When most people think of pigs, they think of a dirty, smelly animal that’s usually found in the food industry. Many people don’t realize that pigs are sociable, lovable, and capable of solving puzzles. If we really think about this, we might ask ourselves why so many pigs aren’t just as cherished as our beloved animal companions. However, thanks to pigs like Esther the Wonderpig, Laura the piglet who was rescued from slaughter, and Lilly the rising star in the world of piglet fame, the way that the public sees pigs is beginning to change. That’s why we love stories like this one, where a police department campaigned to have a lost little pig become their mascot for one glorious day — and they put it all on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the Newport Police Department tweeted what is possibly the best update ever after finding a lost pig walking the streets: “Did you lose your pig? No, not another cop/pig joke. Seriously. We have your pig. Call us.” We wish we could take the place of that cop so we could hang with that pig.

 They christened him “Mr. Boombtastic” and hoped that they would be able to adopt him as the station mascot in the event that his guardian didn’t turn up.

Sadly, the Newport Police Department learned that not all dreams — even the purest — can come true. Later that day, Mr. Boombtastic’s, née ChalkO guardian arrived at the police department to bring him home. “#MrBoombastic and owner have been reunited. Our search for an official mascot continues,” lamented the Newport Police Department on Twitter.



When ChalkO and his guardian pulled out of the Newport Police Department parking lot, (hopefully) never to return again, we’re certain that the entire police department felt the loss, as if the heart of the station had left them. But, because of their hard work, not only did ChalkO the wandering pig have a fun day, he was also successfully reunited with his family.

Check out the video below to see more of ChalkO’s day at the station:


Most of us would probably be scared to be so far from home, but it looks like the Newport Police Department made sure that ChalkO/Mr. Boombtastic had nothing to worry about.

All image source: Newport Police Department/Twitter