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Miranda Kim and Rebecca Kim, two sisters from Rancho Palos Verdes, California, decided to do something about the overflow of plastic waste in the oceans – so they started a unique business making clothing out of recycled plastic! SoulFace Apparel offers clothes that are eco-friendly and made in a sustainable way – and the results are softer and more comfortable than you might think.

Miranda Kim, a first-year pre-business economics student, began volunteering, thinking she would help by taking part in beach clean-ups and work with such organizations like Oceanic Preservation Society, Daily Bruin reports. However, she soon realized that she could make a big impact by doing something to directly transform plastic waste.

“When you’re volunteering, the little bits of plastic that you pick up do make a difference, but it’s not a large enough difference to change the dynamics of how we use plastics,” she said. But, seeing as everyone is a consumer, she decided to go in that direction to make a change.

Together with their business partner, Joseph Darcey-Alden, the Kim sisters launched SoulFace Apparel – a company that reduces plastic waste one T-shirt at a time. The fabric used to make the clothing is created out of post-consumer plastics and recycled fibers and does not contain any toxic chemicals.

To make the quality fabric, the company works with two companies that transform the plastics and fibers into clothing. Both are based in the U.S. – keeping the production within the country is more environmentally-friendly than outsourcing.

Apart from making eco-friendly products, the company also plays an educational role, featuring informational videos on the subject of plastic waste and its effects on its website.

Since the company’s launch in September 2017, it has already fulfilled about 30 T-shirt orders – and, hopefully, it is just the beginning of a prospering business focused on not only creating a good quality and interesting product but also on making a better future for the planet.

To find out more about SoulFace Apparel, click here.

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Image source: SoulFace Apparel/Instagram