There is a lot of controversy surrounding animal captivity. We have seen countless animals come out of life in zoos or roadside attractions with extreme mental and physical afflictions, however, the industry continues to assert that showing wild animals to the public is the only way to get them to care about their protection. Given the fact that many of the species we see behind the glass in zoos are endangered in the wild (due to pollution, deforestation and poaching), encouraging people to learn more about animals and act in their defense is crucial.

But can zoos certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) really achieve this goal? And what about non-accredited animal attractions? Just because both allow the public to see and even interact with animals, what can we really learn from these places? These are the questions that Morgan Spurlock sets out to answer in the latest episode of CNN’s “Inside Man.”

Set to air this Thursday at 9PM Eastern, the season premiere of “Inside Man,” takes us inside an AZA zoo, a roadside zoo facility and a highly reputed wildlife sanctuary. As Spurlock learns about what it means to work in these different places and sees the conditions that these animals are kept in, he gives us insight into whether the captivity industry is really beneficial at all.

As any good investigative journalist should, Spurlock explores the potentially educational aspects of these facilities, but does not shy away from showing their dark side either.

So if you’ve ever wondered if keeping animals in captivity is really necessary or not, check out “Inside Man” on Thursday and judge for yourself.

Take a peak at what is to come in the episode by watching the trailer below.