The Mokai Lounge in South Beach, Florida recently gained a lot of attention after a thoughtless stunt involving a horse who is now named Hope. On March 9th, a dancer was led into the crowded lounge riding the white mare, who was clearly terrified by the situation. A video of the panicked, deeply uncomfortable animal slipping on the dance floor quickly went viral and provoked a wave of deserved criticism.

Roman Jones, the owner of Mokai Lounge, was charged with animal cruelty and a threat to public safety. According to the statement from Miami Beach Manager, Jimmy Morales, the club had to pay $12,150 in code violations to the city, and on top of that, it donated $10,000 to a horse rescue charity. Moreover, from now on, it will be strictly just service animals that are allowed in the club.


Jones has since apologized for the reckless incident and admitted full responsibility for it – but he decided to go even further. As announced in an Instagram post, Jones decided to buy Hope and board her at a private barn with fellow horses “where she could be loved, bathed, dewormed, well fed and looked over by a vet.”

The horse will now be able to “live out her days happily” and will hopefully be helping children through therapeutic interaction, since it is something she really enjoys. Jones also pointed out that she has been renamed Hope, “for a new beginning and a happy life in a peaceful environment.”


What Hope was subjected to was a sad example of how animals are exploited in the name of questionable human entertainment. However, it is good to see the club owner own up to the extremely ill-advised move and make the effort to “make amends” with the animal that suffered because of it.

All image source: Roman Jones/Instagram