When the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, converted a parking garage on their campus into a bike center, they thought that installing a pair of steel doors would be enough to deter any unwanted intruders.

However, little did they know that their decision had seriously ruffled the feathers of two of the building’s residents … a pair of nesting swallows!

As the above video demonstrates, the swallows certainly had no intention of allowing themselves to be locked out of their favorite nesting grounds. The clever birds soon learned how to trigger the motion sensors near the top of the door, so they could let themselves in and out whenever they chose. No one and nothing could have prevented these proud parents from getting back to their babies!

It just goes to show, Green Monsters, that however smart we humans consider ourselves to be, we underestimate the intelligence of other animal species at our peril.

Image source: Kev Chapman/Flickr