The natural world works in mysterious ways. Animals can mutually benefit from one another in a symbiotic relationship, but other times, there are the leachers — in a parasitic relationship. And then, there are those who take advantage of the other, but doesn’t harm the other species.

This is the case with a clever, yellow bird, known as a cattle tyrant, who decided to piggyback a pig-sized rodent, known as a capybara — the largest rodent in the world!


The cattle tyrant is a known “tyrant,” catching rides on the back of cattle and other large mammals to feed off of the insects that come their way.

This yellow bird decided it was time for a change, so he befriended this capybara. From the words of the yellow bird himself, here’s what we think he’s saying:

Hi, my name’s Mr. Tyrant

I’m going to be your personal insect repellant. I’m ready for them…


I’m ahead of the game. Get it…a “head.”


Got one!

Here’s my infamous bird dive…

Let’s be best friends forever!