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An estimated 5 million dogs are slaughtered for human consumption every year, according to Animal Asia. Kept in cramped, filthy, small wire cages with other dogs, these animals suffer from the moment they’re brought into the highly unregulated dog meat industry and as they exit it — often killed by electrocution, hanging or beatings.

In May, the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA) was formed by Animals Asia, Change for Animals Foundation, Humane Society International and Soi Dog Foundation to end the dog meat trade in Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Now, Animals Asia is tackling the Chinese dog and cat trade with their newest advertisements focused on three themes, “Partner in Growth,” “Guardian,” and “Stray,” which advise Chinese consumers to “Be Healthy. Say No to Cat and Dog Meat.”

A total of 279 advertisements can now be found across China in train stations, bus stations and elevators in 14 major cities from Beijing to Shezhen.

The ads have already created quite a buzz on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, with over 3,000 shares in just the first 24 hours of posting, gaining a total of more than 20,000 shares to date.

The goal of the poster campaign is to inform the public about the health issues associated with consuming dog and cat meat and to “prompt people to re-evaluate why they’d eat animals they might otherwise consider friends not food,” as reported by Animals Asia.

“The truth is, if you eat dog or cat then you have no idea where that meat is coming from or how safe it is. We are still seeing many cats and dogs in China being abandoned and left to subsist on the streets, with many dying due to illness.  Stray dogs and cats, many of them from far healthy, are snatched from the streets and pets are still being stolen and taken to horrific meat markets,” said Animals Asia Dog and Cat Welfare Director Irene Feng.

With more knowledge about this issue, Animals Asia hopes the public will think twice about consuming cat and dog meat.

“The good news is that awareness is spreading. The reaction we have had from the public to the posters has been incredible as has been the willingness to further share the message. Make no mistake, animal welfare is now an increasingly high profile issue in China and the dog and cat meat industry is being held to account,” said Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson.

View a selection of posters from Animals Asia’s new ad campaign below and be sure to spread the word about the dog and cat meat trade by sharing this information on your social media pages and with your family and friends.

Image source: Animals Asia