Chickens are some of the most underappreciated animals around. Most people think that these birds are completely mindless, non-feeling beings … however, anyone who has known a chicken will tell you this certainly is not the case. Not only are chickens highly intelligent, but they’re also extremely emotional and sensitive creatures. Mama hens sing to their eggs before they hatch and adult chickens have been noted comforting one another in times of distress. Beyond this, chickens have amazing memories and are able to recall the names and faces of people and things (just check this smart chick out).

But due to the fact that most people only see chickens for their worth as “food,” they are often marginalized as “bird-brained” animals that don’t deserve the sort of love or respect we’d allow our dogs and cats. Well … that is what most people think, but one woman, Rebekah Cummings, has a much different view.


When a baby chicken who was born without eyes came into Rebekah’s life, she knew she had to do everything she could to help this little one survive. Immediately taking to the Internet to find out what special care this blind chick would need, she was met with suggestions that she “cull” the baby because she’d never make it. Unwilling to accept this for the little chick, which she named Mumble, she decided to raise her and love her regardless.

A year later, Mumble is thriving in her home.

She has become a beloved member of the pack and is known for her epic snuggles.

Mumble might not be able to see the world around her, but she has the chance to experience all the beauty that it contains – thanks to Rebekah’s help.

Not only is Mumble the best friend anyone could ask for, but she’s also an ambassador for other disabled animals! 

To celebrate this brave hen, Rebekah created a Facebook page to prove to the world that this chick is a fighter who will make a difference in the world!

Touching hearts and minds everywhere, this chick is shattering all stereotypes about chickens and showing the world that no matter what, there is no such thing as an obstacle too big when you put your mind to it. 


If we could all learn to see animals – regardless of their shape, size, or abilities – as sentient beings that deserve to be loved and cherished, the world would be a much kinder place. To learn more about Mumble and her amazing work, follow her on Facebook.

All image source: Mumble the Chicken/Flickr