If anyone needs us, we will be packing our bags and heading to Venice, California! Los Angeles-based chef, Matthew Kenney, the founder of Matthew Kenney Cuisine, has been busy! He recently opened a vegan restaurant in London’s Shoreditch district in 2017, as well as a new vegan restaurant in New York City called XYST (pronounced Exist) that features Mediterranean inspired cuisine and cocktails. Matthew Kenney Cuisine also announced the launch of a gourmet frozen vegan pizza line.

Now, Kenney is bringing his plant-based goodness to Venice, California by opening a fully vegan deli!


“New Deli opening APRIL 15th will revisit the concept of a convenience store. Entirely sustainable and plant-based, New Deli will offer an extensive coffee program, prepared foods supplied by our sister Cafe Make Out, a wide range of boutique packaged goods + an organic wine and beer retail program. New Deli will offer sustainable, practical, everyday products for our neighbors,” the new venue shared on Instagram

Steps away from the beach, New Deli will offer fresh plant-based seasonal wraps, raw plant-based treats, and even plant-based popsicles! 

Oh, and did we mention New Deli will have avocado toast? It’s almost too pretty to eat!


Once again, Matthew Kenney is showing the world just how accessible convenient, healthy food can be! To stay up to date on New Deli (and drool all over their food pics), be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Interested in learning more about Matthew Kenney and his plans to dominate the world, plant-based style? In a recent episode of the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast, he predicts that plant-based food will be present everywhere in the near future! Listen to the episode here:


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Image Source: @newdelivenice/Instagram