The U.S is a land of comfort food. You can indulge in the meltiest sandwiches, the most decadent sweets, and the greasiest dishes at virtually any hour of the day. Because of the constant availability to delicious foods, it can sometimes be hard to fit in the daily recommendations for fruit and vegetables. And honestly, sometimes salads just aren’t that exciting. Realizing that people weren’t getting all that jazzed about fruits and vegetables, Japanese food artist, Mitsuki Moriyasu, decided to take healthy foods and transform them into something everyone has craved at one point or another: cake!

That’s right, when the residents of Nagoya, Japan want to go out for a healthy meal, they can stop off at the Bistro La Porte Marseille restaurant where Moriyasu has been selling her amazing creations since June 2015.

Her Vegedeco “cakes,” which at a glance look like your typical confection, are actually delicious salads in disguise! 

Moriyasu hides the bulk of the vegetables in between layers of “sponge cake” that is made from soybean. She then slathers a thick layer of tofu cream cheese “frosting,” slices and places some of the vibrant colored vegetables on top for decoration, and voila! The most beautiful salad you’ve ever seen. 

The salad cakes have become such a big hit that earlier this month, Moriyasu opened up Vegedeco Salad Cafe, an eatery dedicated entirely to healthy eating. Their customers can get a slice of their favorite vegetable cake, accompanied by a fermented dressing made with koji (Japanese sake starter), and a hot cup of tea also flavored with vegetables! 




Considering that one out of two American adults have one or more chronic health conditions, it’s clear that there needs to be a shift in the way the average person views the connection between health and diet.

The fact that a chef has been able to make people excited about healthy, plant-based, whole foods is not only cool because it’s whimsical and insanely beautiful to look at, but because they make people incredibly excited to get their daily servings of veggies. Can you imagine an easier way to #EatForThePlanet? If more chefs followed her lead and made it their mission to make healthy food exciting again, maybe the hunt for the most epic burger would turn into the search for the ultimate salad cake! Until that day comes, we’ll just marvel at them from afar.

All Image Source: Vegedeco Salad