We’re getting our plane tickets to Miami ASAP! Famed vegan chef and author, Chloe Coscarelli just opened a new plant-based restaurant in the St. Roch Market called Chef Chloe and the Vegan Cafe. St. Roch Market is the sister of the flagship market that debuted in New Orleans in 2015. Now, the upscale market is bringing their concept to Miami, offering a diverse line-up of 12 different chefs. We are thrilled to see a vegan chef included in the market!

Chef Chloe and the Vegan Cafe will offer a different menu from her previous restaurant by CHLOE, which she left in March of 2017Butternut nachos with cashew queso and a Miami mango salad with chili-cashew dressing are just a few of the entrées to keep an eye out for!


“Miami’s people are so wonderful, and there’s a great vegan scene. The people I’ve met are really passionate about the vegan lifestyle. It’s a place I’ve always loved,” said Chef Chloe.


For those with a sweet tooth, Chef Chloe‘s famous cookies and cupcakes will also be available for purchase. 

If you live in Miami or know someone who does, be sure to let them know about Chef Chloe and the Vegan Cafe! We bet it’s going to be a huge hit. 


Chef Chloe also offered up some advice to those who want to try vegan food: “Incorporate a few meatless meals into your diet, and find out what you like and don’t like. I hear people say they can never be vegan because they love cheese. You can always eat some vegan meals; then try some vegan cheese.” Wise words!

Chloe has a new book debuting on March 6th, 2018 called “Chloe Flavor,” that is now available for pre-order. The book will offer many of the chef’s classic recipes, such as Chlostess Cupcapes, Mac and Cheese, and Meatball Sliders.


For more information on Chef Chloe, check out her website.

To learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices as well as trends and developments in the plant-based food space, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.


Image Source: Chef Chloe Coscarelli/Facebook