Have you ever smelled something so bad that it curled your toes? Put your hair on end? Imagine opening a carton of milk a month past its expiration. Or, passing plastic bags of trash sitting on a curb on a hot summer day. Nauseating.

Smells can affect us on many levels. They can affect our memories, they can affect our appetites. What happens when you get a whiff of something that brings back fond memories? It can make you feel nostalgic. How about if you smell exhaust from a diesel? Will probably make you feel ill. How about stinky feet? Might blow your hair back, like it did to this little kitty!


While cats are said to have nine lives, this little kitty might be on his last one after inhaling the vapors from the man’s feet! Poor thing initially looks like he’s in shock, like a deer in the headlights. Then, he seems to pass out from the aroma! Guess no more nibbling on those toes for him!