There are times when words can’t properly describe how completely inhumane and heartbreaking a situation is – this is especially true when it comes to the Kondhwa Cat Hoarding Case.

This was an extreme case of hoarding, neglect, and downright cruelty to over 50 cats that was discovered at the end of last year. The innocent animals were subjected to severe filth and disease-ridden conditions, cockroach-filled food, and unclean water on top of being literally trapped for years in the small apartment. Their rescue took an entire team over two days to accomplish but even then, their work was only just the beginning. The wonderful team at ResQ Charitable Trust were dedicated to getting these cats the treatment and recovery they needed to become sociable and adoptable felines.


Cats were found hiding in every corner and crevice of the apartment.

Even kittens weren’t exempt from the deplorable conditions.

The animals lived like this for years but things were about to change drastically for these innocent cats.

ResQ Charitable Trust took the cats and kittens into their care and provided them with their first encounter at a real life – one filled with love, safety, and medical attention.

Finally, they had fresh food and water — basic needs that most of us take for granted.

Now, the cats enjoy hanging out, playing, and exploring in the ResQ Cattery.


The rescue was a huge undertaking and took the teamwork of several organizations including the ResQ Charitable Trust, Humane Society International, and People for Animals. While the hoarding of animals may not seem like something that happens often, it actually occurs much more than one would ever imagine. In the U.S. alone, 250,000 animals each year are subjected to this type of cruelty and many are not discovered until it is too late. No animal should ever have to experience cruelty of any type but to die in this type of situation is heartbreaking.

Thankfully, organizations like ResQ and others are doing everything they can to make the world a better place for innocent animals. For these survivors, the next chapter in their lives is finally here —  finding safe, loving, forever homes.


To learn more about ResQ, make a donation, or adopt a new furry feline friend, click here.

All image source: ResQ