Last year, Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue (SAPCR), a charity based in Houston, Texas, shared the heartbreaking story of Samuel. The two-year-old cat had spent most of his life in a cat carrier and suffered immensely as a result. Thanks to the help of a special rescue organization and his loving home, this special cat is transformed beyond recognition!

Samuel was brought into BARC Animal Shelter in Houston after he was rescued from a hoarding situation. He was found shut in the small carrier and it was estimated he spent the majority of his life in it …


The neglected cat was scheduled for euthanasia in the city shelter. Fortunately, SAPCR was notified just in time – and Samuel “went from death row to a veterinarian’s office.”

Samuel suffered from mange, his fur was yellowed from contact with his own urine, and he had burns from sleeping in excrement. He was painfully skinny, anemic, had a corneal ulcer in one eye, bad teeth, poor kidney and liver function, and he was FIV-positive, Love Meow reports. The poor animal was taken to Central Houston Animal Hospital where he began his treatment with Dr. Lucy Faulkner.


Soon, Samuel moved into a foster home with Leslie Raines and the slow process of his recovery began. He had to learn to walk all over again and how to trust people and stop being scared of other cats.

“As a vet tech and a long time rescuer, I knew many would be turned off by how awful Samuel looked, but I just kept saying that there was a healthy, handsome kitty in there, just waiting to bloom,” Raines told Love Meow.

“It is a process that has resulted in a purring, filled-out, long-haired boy who likes to be held, and likes to watch kittens play, perhaps wondering why he was never given the chance to do the same,” his rescuers write.

“Samuel has moved from hoarded to happy, from sick to healthy, from starving to full.” shared his rescuers. The little survivor found his forever home with a man named Bryan who had lost his 13-year-old cat to cancer.


It is hard to believe that the beautiful fluffy cat Samuel has grown to be is the same animal that came to SAPCR a year ago. We are so glad his rescue story ended with finding a wonderful person with whom he had an instant connection!

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All image source: Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue/Facebook