Some friendships were just meant to be. While everyone seems to know that dogs, man’s proverbial best friend, make great companions for babies, the same isn’t always said of cats. These furry animals get a bad rap for being aloof, but the cat in this story proves that this is hardly the case for all felines.

Liel Ainmar Assayag’s two-year-old cat, Panda, rarely leaves her son’s side. According to Assayag, however, the pair’s friendship began before Sean was even born. As Assayag’s belly grew throughout her pregnancy, Panda stuck to her like glue. The young cat would use her growing belly as a pillow and purr contently. Although the other members of her cat family adore Sean, his relationship with Panda is special.


All three of the family cats love newborn Sean, but Panda’s relationship with him started before birth.

“There will be plenty more cuddles when you get here, little friend!”

When asked about her story, Assayag said “the most important thing for me is to show people that pets are part of the family.” 

She went on to explain, “I want to show the people that pets are great companions for kids and they can learn so much from them.”



This is only the start of a lifetime of a beautiful friendship between Sean and Panda — and we hope that their mom captures many more of their memories on camera. Do you have an animal companion that you grew up with? Share your story in the comments below!

All image source: Liel Ainmar Assayag/Facebook