Any cat parents out there know that their furry felines are notoriously picky. Though parents want the best for their furry children, changes in their pet’s routine don’t always go over so well. A new brand of food, for example, may just be too much for your cat companion to handle.

Just take a look at this finicky kitty! He is not a fan of his new food. It could be the flavor or the texture, or even the color of the food, but for whatever reason, this cat is not having it.


Instead of letting the food go to waste, the cat does the charitable thing. He knows that his dog siblings will eat anything (he has personally witnessed them eating from his litter box), so he knows they’ll enjoy the kibble he is less-than-fond of. After beckoning the two pups over, the cat scoops “pawfuls” of food and tosses them generously to the lesser beings waiting below. He once again feels like the King of the House, charitably bestowing gifts upon his peasants … err, dog siblings.

Now, if only his mom would get the picture and buy His Highness the right type of food!