At the young age of one-year-old, Memphis the cat found himself at an animal shelter in Salem, Massachusetts, after his previous guardians could no longer care for him. Memphis, at no fault of his own, was born with two noses and facial congenital abnormalities. The animal shelter was about to euthanize Memphis after his surrender … but then a miracle happened.

A volunteer with The Odd Cat Sanctuary, a non-profit feline rescue organization, messaged Tara Kay, the founder of the organization, with a desperate plea. Without hesitation, Tara said yes!


“He was born with a deformed soft palate, smushed face, and a cleft lip. Both noses are functional. He does breathe louder and snores! But he does great,” Tara told Love Meow.

Memphis, just like any other cat, loves to be loved and is the ultimate purr-machine. 

The Odd Cat Sanctuary is a place of last resort for cats who have nowhere else to go. We are glad The Odd Cat Sanctuary saw past his differences and gave him a second chance at life!  

Due to Memphis’s overwhelming popularity, The Odd Cat Sanctuary has set up an Instagram page for him so his fans can stay up to date on his cuteness! 


Memphis will be available for adoption soon and we are certain will make his new family very happy for years to come!


Two noses or not, there are thousands of cats waiting for their forever homes just like Memphis. Adopting is one of the best ways to combat the pet overpopulation crisis. If you are able, fostering an animal is another great way to help animals!

If you already have a full house and are unable to foster or adopt, you can still help. By participating in your local trap-neuter-release program, you’ll help ensure there are no unwanted kittens born. Kitten season is fast approaching, and as animal advocates, it’s up to us to speak up for those who cannot!

For more information on The Odd Cat Sanctuary, click here to visit their website and join their cause!

Image Source: The Odd Cat Sanctuary