Sweet friendships between cats and dogs do not come as a surprise anymore. We have seen time and again that, although one is said to be somewhat of a natural enemy to the other, a dog and a cat can coexist in a true loving harmony – and even be each other’s very best friends in the world. But there are still cross-species pairs of friends that come as quite a shock … like, say, a cat and a horse. But if we asked Champy the horse and Morris the cat about that, they probably would not see anything odd about this kind of bond. After all, opposites apparently attract.

The story of Champy and Morris’s friendship began after both animals were adopted by their carer, Jennifer Boyle. Boyle always had horses and cats at the same time, Metro reports, and she never had any problems – but she did not see any great friendships develop either. Until Champy and Morris, that is…


Boyle adopted Morris when he was a nine-month-old kitten. Up until that point, he lived in a shelter. The move to his new home required a lot of adapting, but, as it soon turned out, there was someone already there who would make the transition much easier on the cat.

Champy showed interest in the new little black cat as soon as the two met for the first time. He would greet him and immediately start grooming Morris … who did not really have anything against such an impromptu bath time at all.

“Morris had never met a horse before, and to begin with was a bit shy, but Champy wants to make friends with everyone he meets,” Boyle told The Dodo. “It was after Champy had been grooming Morris for about a week that Morris felt safe with him and jumped onto Champy’s back to start grooming him in return.”

The duo’s acquaintance very quickly upgraded to a serious friendship. Champy and Morris began to do everything together. Most of their time with each other was spent in the sweetest arrangement – with Morris installed comfortably on his friend’s back.

“They’re best friends and really trust each other,” their carer said and added that, even though she has four horses and two cats, there is no other bond similar to what Champy and Morris have in the little herd.


Boyle created a Facebook page to document Champy and Morris’s friendship and share it with others. The page quickly got to nearly 6,000 likes – and it is no wonder it did. The horse and the cat basically look like the main characters of a children’s book, about to embark on the journey of their lives and have plenty of adventures. Except that, in reality, those two are not going anywhere – and are happy to have a home, as well as each other.

To follow the adventures of this adorable duo, be sure to like the Champy and Morris Facebook page.

All image source: Champy and Morris/Facebook