Cats and birds are mortal enemies. Whenever you put these two animals together, you are guaranteed to have some sort of Sylvester Cat/Tweety Bird type situation on your hands, right?

Well, if you are dealing with Bonnie the cat, this might not be the case.


Bonnie’s guardian, Reddit user Thenash654, is not only a cat lover; she is also a chicken lover and has a number of chicks running around her backyard. While some might think that this would be a dangerous combination, Bonnie appears to be more of a lover than a fighter.

Thenash654 explains on Reddit that Bonnie has adopted the chicks.

This happy feline spends her days hanging out with the chicks, snuggling and nurturing these little birds. One of her favorite things to do is keep them warm until they fall asleep.

Thenash654 understands that Bonnie is a predator by nature and is sure to always keep an eye on the cat when she’s playing with the chicks, but as of yet, Bonnie has never acted out aggressively towards her little friends.

In fact, Bonnie treats the chicks like they’re her own babies. Just check out this video of her carrying them to her nest to snuggle. Thenash654 admits that the first time Bonnie picked up the chicks, she was afraid something terrible would happen, but time and time again, Bonnie’s proved her wrong.

While we like to assign roles like “predator/prey” to animals, we have to remember that like humans, all animals are individuals. We are sure that Thenash654 will keep a watchful eye over Bonnie and the chicks, but it looks like this particular kitty is motivated by love, and little else. 


All image source: Thenash654/Reddit