The birth of any baby is a reason to celebrate, no matter the species. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary recently experienced this joy with the birth of baby Juniper the lamb. Coco, her mother, went into labor while out on a stroll outside of the sanctuary with her other sheep friends. As soon as the team at Mino Valley realized Coco was in labor, they rushed her into a stall to assist her in the delivery of Juniper.

Abigail Greer, the Founder of Mino Valley, reports the scare when the lamb was born: “She was completely lifeless and I thought she was dead. Then we saw a tiny movement. Coco wasn’t standing up at this point or making any attempt to break the sack so I had to intervene. When I got the sack off her face we had to use an aspirator to suck out all the birthing fluid she had inhaled during delivery from her mouth and nose to get her breathing.”


Thankfully, mama went to work cleaning and drying the baby while her caretakers made sure Juniper made it through the next few scary moments. They also helped Juniper nurse since she was still too weak to stand up. Though it took several hours before the lamb could stand without the teamwork of all involved, this little one made it. At a birth weight of a mere 3.5 pounds, Juniper is making significant progress thanks to the dedicated team at Mino Valley and her wonderful mama Coco – she is even walking now, following Coco around the barn!

Even with a rough start, Juniper is one of the lucky ones. Countless sheep and other farm animals will never experience the freedom to roam about, grow up with their family, or know the safety, happiness, and kindness the animals at Mino Valley have. Thankfully, Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary (and a growing number of farm sanctuaries) works every day to make life better for these innocent animals by educating the public and allowing them to come and meet the animals face-to-face, allowing for a real connection to take place. That connection being – farm animals deserve no less than animals kept as pets.

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Congratulations Coco and everyone at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary on the new baby!