There is no better feeling than knowing you are loved. This precious ram, named Valentin, is clearly enjoying all the love and kisses he is receiving at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary.

This is especially heartwarming because, like most farmed animals, rams are usually only seen as a commodity, and they deserve so much more. Like all animals, farmed animals simply want to be safe, loved, and treated with respect. We are so glad Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary has given those things not only to Valentin, but to countless farm animals that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.


In the video’s caption, Valentin’s caretaker Abigail states, “Every day I tell all the animals at the sanctuary how much I love them. Because no one loved them before so I’m going to make sure they know they are loved now.” We hope that one day all farm animals can experience the same kindness.

The Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates farm animals. They give them a safe place to call home where they can live out their lives free from pain, suffering, and exploitation. The sanctuary also educates the public and allows them to come and meet the animals face-to-face, allowing for a real connection to take place. That connection being – that farm animals deserve no less than animals kept as pets.

To make a donation to the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary and help animals like this orphaned baby live a better life, click here.