Cane is a happy, lovable Pit Bull from North Texas. He was adopted about six years ago from an animal shelter, and has been living the good life with his mom and dad ever since. Unfortunately, Cane was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer last month, and was only given a few more months to live. Instead of being sad about the situation, though, Cane and his parents came up with a bucket list that would fill Cane’s last few months with joy and fun.

Cane’s bucket list has gained the attention of many, and his story is helping to spread a very important message.


“By sharing his story, if it can lead to one additional person viewing the Pit Bull breed in a positive light, if it can lead to one additional Pit Bull in shelter death row from being rescued into a very loving family, then it is worth it,” said Cane’s mom, Anna Carter. “I think we’ve succeeded in giving Cane a larger purpose and helping others see how incredibly amazing the Pit Bull breed can be if given the chance to be part of a very loving and cared for family.”

Cane’s bucket list is well under way. The list includes taking pictures in front of the Dallas skyline, visiting lots of parks, seeing Santa, and swimming in a lake again come spring. Cane and his family are currently on a dog-friendly vacation, part of Cane’s epic list. Through it all, Cane is getting spoiled and is sharing lots of love with his parents and Pittie brother. To keep up with Cane and his pursuit of completing the list, follow him on Facebook.

Cane’s Bucket List is well under way. He is on a pet-friendly vacation with his family and has taken loads of selfies.

Not to mention, Cane is getting spoiled with delicious treats and fun toys.

Cane is going to get to see “Santa Paws” and do much more over the next couple of months.

Cane and his family are doing a great job raising awareness for Pit Bulls and spreading lots of love.

All image source: Cane’s Bucket List/Facebook