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We’ve written time and time and time again about the unnecessary horrors of animal testing. Each year, untold millions of animals—including 25 million in the United States alone—are injected, gassed, force-fed, and killed in the name of cosmetics testing.

India, Israel, and the European Union have successfully banned animal testing, relying instead on alternative tests that are not only cruelty-free, but also faster, cheaper, and more reliable than the animal-based tests. But despite the efforts of animal activists worldwide, four-fifths of the world still allows cosmetics testing on live animals.

London-based group Cruelty Free International (CFI) is the only global organization solely dedicated to ending animal testing for cosmetics and consumer products. CFI is credited with securing the European Union’s ban on animal cosmetics testing, and now hopes to do the same in Canada.

On the first anniversary of the EU ban, CFI plans to send a detailed proposal to Minister of Health Rona Ambrose. Canadians are urged to sign a petition in support of the cosmetics testing prohibition.

CFI has also created an official petition to help Canadians participate in the political process and voice their concerns about cosmetics testing. The petition in the House of Commons has gained the approval of the Clerk of Petitions and now requires actions by American citizens. Green Party leader Elizabeth May has posted an official copy of the petition on her website for Canadians to download, sign, and mail (postage free!) to her office.

MP May will be able to present the petition to Parliament after only 25 signatures, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip on signing! Every signature to both the petition and the official Parliamentary document will strengthen the cry to ban cruel cosmetics testing in Canada. And don’t forget to share both petitions with all your Canadian pals!