Oh, Harveigh, we love you already! Harveigh is a 400-pound cow who was born just a few days after Hurricane Harvey’s wrath settled on Texas. Harveigh was abandoned by her mother and was rescued when Tammy Canton and her husband found the orphaned baby standing in their flooded pasture.

The kind couple set up a cot in their laundry room for the small cow. “Keeping her outside wasn’t an option at the time due to the flood and her not having an immune system. She was freezing and shivering. I grabbed warm towels and warmed her up slowly,” Tammy explained. Harveigh was freezing and because she didn’t have milk from her mother, her chances of survival were slim to none.

But the family didn’t give up on Harveigh and planned to nurse her back to health until a more permanent solution was found. But then Harveigh met the family’s Pit Bull, Sealy, and it was clear she was already home!

Harveigh and Sealy became BFFs and loved to snuggle up together. There are seven other dogs in the household, but Harveigh and Sealy have a special bond! 

Since she doesn’t know any different, Harveigh thinks she is a dog. Cows really are just big puppies, after all!

Harveigh has outgrown her cot in the laundry room and the family has built a “cow condo” just outside of their home. 

“She learned to open the door and let herself in. I don’t let her free roam in the house, just quick visits to come in and say hi to our dogs,” Tammy said

Keep on doing you, Harveigh! 


Cows are extremely affectionate, curious, and intelligent creatures who form strong and lasting friendships. We are glad Harveigh found a family that cherishes her just as she is!

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Image Source: Harveigh’s Story/Facebook