Last year, a male calf named Christopher came into the care of Skylands Animal Sanctuary. He is a Christmas baby who was born to a dairy cow… and he is absolutely the cutest!

While we feel for the mother that was left behind, we know that she would be happy that her little one is safe and will live out his days loved and cared for. Look how compassionate and nurturing Christopher’s new dad is, it will certainly make your heart smile.

Sadly, for Christopher’s mother, this most likely won’t be the last time she is separated from her baby. Many people don’t realize that in order for a mother cow to produce milk, she has to give birth. Unfortunately, because that milk is often designated for human consumption and profit, dairy calves are taken away from their mothers moments after birth. For most babies born on farms, they will either be doomed to the same fate as their mothers or raised for meat. Either way, this isn’t the sort of life, suffering, or hopelessness any living being should be exposed to.

Christopher is one of the lucky ones but countless other male cows born on dairy farms will suffer. Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue provides rescue, rehabilitation, and a voice for the voiceless. The organization also supplies life-long care and safe place to call home for these innocent animals and specializes in farm animal rescue.

Thanks to organizations like Skylands, animals that would most likely be sentenced to death are given a second chance to live happy, healthy lives, safe from human greed.

If you are touched by this beautiful calf’s story, you can learn more and donate to Skylands Animal Sanctuary.


All image source: Skylands Animal Sanctuary/Facebook