You may remember the story of Caitlyn, the Staffordshire bull terrier mix whose abuse made national news and shocked animal lovers worldwide in the summer of 2015. Horrifyingly, Caitlyn, then 15-months-old, was found with her muzzle bound with electrical tape in North Charleston, South Carolina. The tape had cut off all circulation to her nose and tongue, all because William Leonard Dodson thought she was barking too much. Although vets estimate the tape had only been there for 48 hours, the damage that it had done was extensive.

Thankfully, Charleston Animal Society was called immediately to rescue her. Despite the horror Caitlyn had endured, she has since recovered and was in even given a “bone to the city” by North Charleston’s Mayor, R. Keith Summey.

But, William Leonard Dodson hasn’t been having such great luck. Karma has come back around for Dobson as he has now been sentenced to 15 years in prison on a weapons possession charge, albeit unrelated to Caitlyn. As for the animal cruelty charge, the Charleston Animal Society posted on their Facebook page, that a hearing will be held March 24, 2017. His charge for abusing Caitlyn carries at least 180 days of imprisonment. But unfortunately, any prison term he gets in state court Friday for animal abuse likely won’t extend his stay behind bars.

Caitlyn is living it up while her abuser is getting locked up. Sweet victory, huh?



Dodson’s sentencing in U.S. District Court in Charleston stemmed from a traffic stop earlier this year when police caught him with drugs and a gun. Dobson has had multiple felonies in the past and the 15-year sentence he received is the mandatory minimum term. The charge carries up to life. We are happy to see Caitlyn’s abuser go exactly where he belongs: behind bars – even if the charge wasn’t for animal abuse, which seems like has gone without due punishment.

Caitlyn is now the namesake for an animal cruelty fund created by Charleston Animal Society, which helps pay for the care of abused animals. This sweet pup now lives with a permanent foster family that includes children and someone with veterinary experience. Her lifetime medical expenses are all being paid for by the society. A happy ending for Caitlyn, indeed.

If you would like to help Charleston Animal Society continue to fight animal cruelty, you can donate to Caitlyn’s animal-cruelty fund.

Image Source: Charleston Animal Society/Facebook