It’s not often you see a 3,000-pound bull getting a belly rub … but at The Gentle Barn, this is the life Ben and the other residents enjoy every day. It wasn’t always like this for many of these animals, sadly, most were victims of the factory farming industry, fated for slaughter. Ben is an Angus cow which means he was genetically bred to grow very large and very fast so he could be slaughtered sooner. Thankfully, the sweet boy is now safe and loved at The Gentle Barn.

Ben is certainly one of the lucky few, but countless other male cows will suffer on factory farms across the nation. Male cows are typically raised for beef or kept as breeding bulls and endure years of abuse in cramped, unsanitary conditions. This sad quality of life will still ultimately end in slaughter. Like Ben, all cows are social animals that love to run, play, and hang out with their best friends, so we are so happy places like The Gentle Barn exist!


The Gentle Barn is all about showing kindness and compassion to animals and children in need. The organization saves animals that are the victims of abuse and neglect and provides them with a safe, permanent place to call home. Additionally, they also help people, especially at-risk youth, to reconnect with animals and nature in order to promote a reverence for all life.

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