Our animal friends seem to have a language all of their own; they have their specific ways of asking to be pet and to have playtime. Each pet guardian has a special relationship and way of communicating with their pet baby. In this video, you will see that it appears the cat actually understands what her guardian is saying! Better yet, this big furball also knows the best way to respond.

Our friend Buddy the cat likes chillin’ and claiming human space as his own, taking over the bathroom sink in his home. And he loves talking back!


“Say Hey, Debbie,” the pet guardian says to the cat. Each time she asks him a question, our friend replies, reaching into his various octaves of meows. Get this: when Debbie asks “hey Buddy, are you lazy?” the cat does not say anything at all, then gives an appropriate, huge yawn. Looks like a lazy sign to us!

Animals always surprise us, and we’re so grateful for the relationships that we get to form with them.