Dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures. It is known that the dolphin brain is larger than a human’s, and they possess a high level of cognition. These traits have inspired animal rights activists to push for the dolphin to be granted habeas corpus rights – in some countries the dolphin has already been allowed some basic rights.

This video illustrates the ability of the dolphin to problem solve and improvise. Just off the marshes of Savannah, Georgia, these dolphins can be spotted performing a hunting technique that is not found anywhere else on Earth. Following the tides and recognizing prime times for hunting, the dolphins wait for water levels to decrease down to only a few inches. Once the fish are concentrated, these brilliant dolphins will corral the fish towards land and in a spectacular show beach themselves on land, forcing the school of fish to be thrown ashore as well.


Typically, a dolphin would never willingly beach themselves, because doing could leave the animal stranded on land – not to mention it puts extreme stress and pressure on their organs. These dolphins, however, have perfected their system. Local egrets have even learned to rely on these dolphins for their meals as well – after all, if the dolphins are pushing all the fish up on land, why bother getting wet?