Every now and then, a miraculous rescue story comes along that truly takes our breath away. The tale of Moxie, who recently managed to escape from certain death after having been buried alive, is a shining example of this.

Officials from Augusta Animal Services were shocked to come across a puppy attempting to dig himself out of the ground on Boy Scout Road in Augusta, Ga. They immediately brought him to the nearby Westside Animal Hospital, where he received his name of Moxie.


It soon became clear hat this beautiful dog had been buried alive … although, sadly, no-one knows who the perpetrator might have been. A medical examination revealed that Moxie had suffered swelling to his head from an injury, was covered in ant bites, and had also contracted a respiratory infection from some dirt which had gotten stuck in his nasal passages.

Veterinarian Scarlet Timmons said, “Before (treatment), he was completely blank with no reactions, but now he comes up to kiss people, and he’s very affectionate and he’s enjoying the attention he’s receiving. He’s now also eating and drinking with us. He still can’t stand on his own, he’s pretty wobbly, but he’s making progress and we’re praying he can make a full recovery.” She believes that Moxie may suffer permanent brain damage in the future because of his trauma, but it is too early to be sure of this yet.

His caretakers regard him as a sweet and caring boy who loves to express his appreciation toward everyone who is trying to save him.

Who could bear to harm such a sweet, innocent face?

Timmons said that once Moxie has fully recovered, staff will ensure he gets “the loving family and home he deserves.”


Sergeant Shane McDaniel of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that as of yet, no police report has been filed over Moxie’s abuse, and the sheriff’s office is not handling the case. He did add, however, that anyone who harms an animal could face a $1,000 to $15,000 fine and jail time. The non-profit organization Dog Networking Agents – which is paying for Moxie’s medical bills – has a reward for any information that might shed light on Moxie’s live burial or lead police to the perpetrators.


In the meantime, let’s hope that Moxie makes a strong and complete recovery, and eventually finds the loving family home he deserves!

All Image Source: UrDogs.com