There are many things you can expect to see when you reach the top of a mountain: breath-taking views, snow capped surroundings and high-soaring birds, to name a few. But you probably wouldn’t expect to find a lost dog.

When mountain climbers in Spain heard a dog barking near the summit of Curavacas mountain, they were more than a little surprised. Clearly, the dog was in need of help, but the climbers would need expert help to reach the top of the treacherous summit. Luckily, one of the climbers who heard the dog was friends with Tente Lagunilla, a pro-climber who was more than willing to help locate the dog.

The weather in the mountains was about to take a turn for the worse, but Lagunilla was intent on finding the lost dog. He gathered a team of climbers and managed to find the poor pup.

The climbers trekked through snow and ice for hours to reach the dog.

The freezing dog was clearly starving. Luckily, the climbers had packed extra food and were happy to share.

After a good meal, Langunilla’s team and the dog made their way back to the bottom of the mountain.

Turns out the dog had been reported missing in a nearby village five days prior to his rescue. How he managed to find himself on the mountain is unknown.

This little pup is back with his loving family, all thanks to the bravery of Lagunilla and his team! We have a feeling this dog won’t be going mountain climbing again.


All image source: Tente Lagunilla/Facebook