There are animal lovers all over the world, of every age, and of every race. These people see the struggles so many of Earth’s animals face today and immediately feel the sudden urge to take action and raise awareness. While many animal lovers take to the Internet to share powerful articles and sign petitions, they can sometimes feel like they simply don’t have enough money to dole out to every charity or shelter that could use the help. Sometimes they’re understandably overwhelmed with their own monetary responsibilities that they don’t end up donating at all.

Kids, on the other hand, live with their parents and don’t have the monetary obligations adults do. Instead, they are able to earn a bit of allowance, tuck it away in a piggy bank, and slowly watch it build. And there’s nothing more exciting for a kid than when they finally decide to crack the ol’ ceramic safe open and relish in all of their earnings. Some kids take this opportunity to go and get the latest video game, an electronic they’ve had their eye on, or spend it on a day of fun. And then there are other kids, like 7-year-old Connor Clagg, who decided to donate his money to Operation Education Animal Rescue.


That’s right, this sweet boy took all of the money he received over the years from birthdays, doing chores, and getting good grades – a total of $310.09 – and decided that the animals needed it more. Apparently, Connor got the idea after seeing a commercial on TV. As if that wasn’t darling enough, Connor also says that one day he wants to become a veterinarian.

Connor sure is getting a head start on his dream life of helping animals! If he continues on this path, his future is looking bright! 



Considering Operation Education Animal Rescue runs on donations from the community, it seems that Connor’s money will be going to good use! “That’s two heartworm treatments, that’s six spays and neuters, a ton of vaccines. It can do a lot. It can feed our dogs for a month,” said Tiffany Galyon, founder of Operation Education.


Connor’s donation and kind heart prove that someone of any age can make an incredible impact. The problems that face animals today may seem too large to tackle and it may be hard to envision our money actually causing a significant change when we hand over a check. Hopefully, Connor’s story will help animal lovers realize that they are more influential than they think! To learn more about Operation Education Animal Rescue, check out their website.

Image Source: Operation Education Animal Rescue/Facebook