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You know that dreadful feeling you get when your heart drops into your stomach? When you know something bad has happened, but you just don’t know what yet? That’s exactly what the Mongo family must have felt when they heard a “pop” sound and then their dog Tonka let out a yelp. They would have never guessed that their one-year-old Alaskan Shepherd had been shot to death with an arrow by a bowhunter! The Care2 petition team is pleading with New Jersey Fish and Wildlife to put measures in place to make sure this never happens again.

As it currently stands, hunters and property owners that allow hunting on their property don’t have to tell their neighbors about the potentially dangerous circumstances. This puts innocent lives at risk: people, pets, and other innocent animals. Imagine if a child had been running around and gotten hurt? Requiring property owners to notify their neighbors that hunters are allowed on their property is a law that could easily be put in place. Not only is it a matter of safety but common courtesy and respect for others. Please sign the petition in support of implementing this common-sense law.

Tonka’s death, which happened when the hunter apparently mistook him for a wolf, is heartbreaking but brings a much-needed spotlight on this issue. People have a right to know when these types of dangers exist so they can take the proper precautions. We can’t imagine the grief and anger the Mongo family felt after finding their beloved family member dead, but we can help right this wrong by signing the petition. Let’s not let Tonka’s death be in vain or any other lives to be put at risk when there is such a simple solution!

The New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife needs to consider more than just the rights of hunters but all parties that could potentially be affected during hunting season.

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Image Source: Pixabay