elephant circus ban bob barker

TV personality Bob Barker joined CSI actress Jorja Fox and Congressman Jim Moran to introduce the “Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act” to restrict the use of exotic, non-domestic animals touring with circuses. If passed into law, it would mean an end to elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys and bears touring with circuses and exhibitions.

“Americans are becoming increasingly aware that circus animals suffer from violent training techniques and severe confinement,” said Bob Barker in a statement regarding the legislation. “Big, wild animals should not be part of the traveling circus and simply put, animal acts in circuses are antiquated and belong in the past, in a time when humans were ignorant about the needs of the other species who share our planet.”

Similar measures have been passed in at least 20 countries, including Bolivia, Peru, Portugal and India. And, according to the panel, more than a half-dozen countries are soon likely to follow suit.

“It is time for the United States to join this parade of nations that is doing the right thing,” Barker said.

Image Source: Vinoth Chandar/Flickr