Shakti, an adorable pit bull, was found barely alive, starving, and stuck in a dumpster in the Orlando area of Florida. Luckily, she was spotted in the dumpster and brought to a shelter for emergency care. Besides her emaciated state, she had also developed diabetes, which resulted in her going blind from cataracts.

Once examined, many didn’t expect Shakti to live long, so they decided to give her plenty of attention and make her last days as comfortable and loving as possible. It must have been the outpouring of love that helped the healing process because Shakti survived!

She was now a healthy and beautiful dog, living with a foster mother, Gayle Johnson, rolling around in the backyard, enjoying her time with other pups. However, she was still blind from the cataracts. So the vet’s office took her in to perform surgery to try and regain some of her sight.

She went into surgery recently as a blind dog and came out with a new view on the world. Her sight was fully restored and her eyes were visibly clear right after surgery. What an amazing story and journey for Shakti! She is definitely a special dog and has a happy life in front of her.

Shakti is currently up for adoption at Rescuing Animals in Need, but would prefer a home with other dogs because she loves to be social.