They say “love is blind.” No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to Daredevil and Pippie, two rescue hens living at Farm Sanctuary. Daredevil arrived at Farm Sanctuary in 2015 after a large backyard hen rescue. Daredevil was malnourished, neglected, and suffering from an eye injury. Thankfully, the sweet hen made a full recovery with the exception of her eyes. Though she was diagnosed with permanent blindness in both eyes, Daredevil was in good hands thanks to the kind people at Farm Sanctuary who “took her under their wing.”

Pippie came from a similar situation, being part of a backyard hen flock and also blind in both eyes. The grand idea to try these two ladies together came after Daredevil had to be removed from her first flock because she was being picked on by the other hens. At first, the girls weren’t sure about the situation but once they got used to each other, they were following each other around and sleeping close in no time.


The hens arrived at Farm Sanctuary about a year apart but now they never have to be apart again!

Daredevil and Pippie currently live in the very special needs chicken flock where they get to roam around the barn and enjoy the shady outdoors.

How sweet are these two!



Farm Sanctuary reports that these BFF’s are living the good life and growing more and more confident each day!

Though it may seem like raising backyard hens is helping in the fight against factory farms, many backyard hens go through the same problems as factory farmed hens. Most chicks sold to these well-meaning people come from large scale hatcheries, who also sell millions of chicks to factory farms. Additionally, most people are unaware of the level of care that is required to raise hens which were the case with Daredevil and Pippie.

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All Image Source: Farm Sanctuary