In case you haven’t heard of them yet, the Black Mambas are a badass, all-female anti-poaching group who are on a mission to save South Africa’s wildlife. While they mainly focus on rhino anti-poaching efforts, they’re also fighting for lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and many more. Their fearlessness and dedication to wildlife is truly admirable. 

This group of ladies is not only blazing trails for women everywhere, but they’re also doing an amazing job at protecting the world’s most endangered species.


In the past two years that the Mambas have been on patrol in Kruger Park, they have reduced the rate of rhino poaching by 76 percent … You read that right – 76 percent. In two years. If that doesn’t say girl power, we don’t know what does!

It is estimated that three rhinos are killed every day for their horns. Why are rhinos being poached at such an alarming rate? For one, their horns are believed to have medicinal properties, but they are also used as status symbols and party drugs. This illegal wildlife trade is very lucrative, generating five to 20 billion dollars every year. Because of this demand, many rhino species have already been declared extinct.  That’s where the fierce and fearless Black Mambas come in.

“The Black Mambas are winning the war on poaching,” Siphiwe Sithole, a Black Mamba member, tells  The Guardian. “We have absolutely zero tolerance for rhino poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. The poachers will fall – but it will not be with guns and bullets.” 

It is estimated that the world has lost about 52 percent of its wildlife in the past 40 years alone. With this in mind, the work that these women are doing is supremely important.


We can all help the Black Mambas in their mission to protect the world’s endangered species by never purchasing rhino horn. After all, when the buying stops, so can the killing. You can also help by making a donation in support of the Black Mambas. Together, we can help ensure that 76 percent reduction becomes 100 percent!