Musician Billie Eilish is helping the climate with her music. Eilish is offering fans free tickets in exchange for helping climate change.

This isn’t the first time the singer has spoken out about climate change. Billie Eilish and Woody Harrelson released a video in September bringing more attention to climate change. In the video, Eilish said, “Our Earth is warming up and our oceans are rising. Extreme weather is wrecking millions of lives.”


In a Twitter post on November 8, Eilish explained her partnership with Global Citizen to help fans get tickets, but also help the planet. Fans can help climate change and get tickets to her show at the same time.

In her post, Eilish explained, “I did not want you guys to have to buy tickets from scalpers, and I know you all still really want to come to the shows,” she can be heard explaining in the video. so I teamed up with a great organization called Global Citizen to help come up with a way to earn tickets to the ‘WHERE DO WE GO?’ tour. If you go to, you can learn more about environmental issues like plastic pollution, and global warming, and climate change, and we can tackle these challenges and create a more sustainable world.”

Check out the full Twitter post:

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Watch their video:



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