The term “pet-parent” comes from the fact that people who adopt pets become just as attached to their pets as parents are to their children. So when someone comes between a pet and their parent the results can be devastating.

When Imgur user WOWIMNOTCOOL, had his fur-baby stolen away from him by his ex-girlfriend who he now refers to as “Satan,” he was literally brought to tears by the prospect of never seeing his beloved dog Zoeybear again.


This man was in a long term relationship for five years before his girlfriend decided that she “didn’t love him anymore.” When she revealed the news, the relationship ended and he moved out. She kept all of their collective possessions including Zoeybear.

In response to losing Zoeybear, he wrote on Imgur, “I am 24 years old and I am crying like a little girl. =[” We can’t say we’d blame him … we’d be total wrecks too.

This man adopted the dog when she was just four-weeks-old. Since then, they spent every day together.



She loved to snuggle up on the couch.

Zoeybear was even there to help him work on his motorcycles!



The girlfriend used the bond as a weapon to hurt the man she no longer loved, and it worked. The fight wasn’t over though! Thanks to the help of some Internet friends, the man found a way to fight back and reclaim his best friend from “Satan” with the puppy’s official papers.

Checkmate, Satan!

The two were absolutely ecstatic when they reunited. Zoeybear refused to leave his side for days – and he certainly didn’t want her to.

Back where she belongs!

We are so glad these two have been reunited and hope that they never have to be apart again!

All image source: Imgur