What started off as a modest twelve seat vegan sushi eatery has grown into a successful five chain revolution. Beyond Sushi‘s first eatery opened back in 2012 by long time foodie Guy Vaknin, with wife and business partner Tali, and offered New Yorkers a chance to enjoy sushi minus the fish. The eatery’s success showed the demand for vegan food options in the city and now, six years later, Beyond Sushi is celebrating the opening of its fifth location in the heart of New York’s Financial District.


Beyond Sushi’s newest location will offer an array of options including its usual vegan sushi rolls but also features the new summer special, a black rice roll filled with charred cabbage, mango, roasted scallion and mint, topped off with hickory smoked green jackfruit braised in barbecue sauce and dehydrated Morrocan olives. You can also choose from rice bowls, an extensive menu of curated sakes, specialty cocktails, dumplings, noodles salads, and soups. If that doesn’t have your taste buds watering, you can also choose from reinvented rolls, wraps and salads.

According to Vaknin, many of Beyond Sushi’s customers are not even vegan or vegetarian, which speaks a lot for the taste of his dishes. Vaknin says, “The hardest part is getting them to try it. But once they do, they return on a regular basis. It’s the biggest compliment when non-vegetarians come because it’s not only for this community….I am interested in providing the experience and letting people decide for themselves.”

This is good news with the plant-based market rapidly expanding and developing new ways of delivering options that taste more like traditional foods and dishes. Considering around 40 percent of Americans choose to eat plant-based meals when they eat out, it’s no surprise that Beyond Sushi has consistently performed so well amongst consumers.

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