You know that feeling when you get a new pair of shoes, and they’re really awesome, and they have all sorts of special ergonomics that promote good posture so your whole body will feel healthier and you just have to share them on Facebook? Yeah, so Beyoncé just did that, except her new shoes turned out to be her re- found vegan diet. She’s so excited that she just can’t hide it.

This is her.


Teasing a big announcement in a dramatic trailer for the next day’s Good Morning America, Beyoncé fans (who like Justin Bieber’s “Beliebers” call themselves the Beyhive) got up earlier in anticipation of what sort of juicy news Queen Bey was going to drop on everyone. When her pre-recorded segment aired, with the message that she owes her new slimmer figure to the plant-based diet she follows at the hand of her trainer Marco Borges, people felt it was a touch anticlimactic.



Tough Crowd..


For starters, if we’re still going with the shoe analogy, Beyoncé already had this pair. She and rapper husband Jay Z decided to go vegan for a month back in 2013 and when the month was up, so was their devotion to plants. Then, Beyoncé announced that she was partnering with Borges in early 2015 for his plant-based meal delivery service “22 Days Nutrition” in order to bring the benefits of the eating plan to more people. With her big GMA announcement ostensibly being about her involvement with this very plan, it wasn’t necessarily news to anyone.

When you add to it that Mrs. Carter herself hasn’t necessarily been the most consistent when it comes to messaging that she eats a plant-based diet, and her continued use of animal products in clothing and participation in animal entertainment pops-up here and there, you end up with a message that’s not only recycled, but a little confusing.




Not everyone was annoyed by Beyoncé’s big announcement, though. Many fans pointed out that with a presence and platform like hers, the singer is able to reach a lot of people with her message of plant-based eating, which is not only good for you, but saves countless animals in the process.

Plant-based eaters save roughly 100 animals per year!


It’s definitely a healthy change to make.


For the record, we’re firmly with the second camp on this entire controversy, henceforth known as Veg-oncé-gate. Eating less meat is better for the earth, animals and human health – which is exactly what she’s touting with this. She could have just as easily thrown her image behind a low-carb, trendy, heavy on the animal products way of eating, but she’s chosen instead to embrace eating mostly plants. We’re just not going to knock her for that.

Keep sharing the plant-based grub Bey. We dig it.

Gigi On That

Her lack of perfection when seeking out a lower impact way of eating is something a lot of people who try to reduce the amount of animal ingredients they consume face. Is it better to eat plant-based as much as you can or throw up your hands and dive headfirst into that cheeseburger because it isn’t worth trying unless you can be picture perfect all the time? Celebs like Beyoncé get a lot of hate for touting their plant-based diets (which is what she’s discussing here, as opposed to an entire lifestyle. The press is who called her “vegan”) due to their lack of perfection, when any move in the right direction should be embraced.

Would we like to see her knock it off with the animal tourism? Yes. Yes, we would. Is it cool that she’s spreading the word that minimizing her intake of animals has had a positive impact on her life and it can have one on yours too? Yes. Yes, it is.

Lead image source: BET