When rescuers found three-month-old bear cub Rose, her front foot was missing and the poor little one was shaking uncontrollably with severe pain. Rescuers from Wildlife SOS said that she was likely caught in a poacher’s snare and had been suffering for weeks. Now in the care of the organization’s incredible veterinarians and wildlife experts at the Van Vihar Bear Rescue Centre, Rose is learning how to take on the world as she heals in both body and spirit.

In the early mornings, Rose wakes to the sounds of pots and pans as a hearty breakfast is prepared for the bears.

Despite her injury, rescuers say that her spirit is improving and that she is making strides both physically and mentally.

Rose is in quarantine as she undergoes intense treatment for her severed paw. Though humans harmed her in the past, little Rose is learning to trust her caregivers.

 It will take time for this little one to fully recover from all the pain and trauma she has faced, but for now, she’s growing stronger and more confident every day. 



Once Rose has completed her time in quarantine, she will be introduced to the socializing pen where she can interact with her fellow rescued friends. Her sheer determination to survive and adapt exemplifies the will and spirit of animals. You can learn more about Wildlife SOS’s work rescuing and rehabilitating bears by visiting their website here.

All image source: Wildlife SOS