We have to wonder what the world has come to after hearing the story about a man who decided to keep a bear cub as a pet and walk him around on a leash. This is what happened to little Leo the bear cub who was seen being pulled down a busy street in Armenia on a leash. According to witnesses, the poor baby was trembling – who can blame him, this is the farthest away from his natural environment he could be. Luckily, the team at International Animal Rescue (IAR) stepped in to get this boy to safety and receive much-needed medical care.

Leo likely witnessed the murder of his mother before being stolen from her. Mother bears teach their cubs how to find food or hunt, but now Leo’s new caretakers will have to take over that role.


No one knows all the neglect or cruelties Leo may have endured while serving as someone’s “living toy,” but now he is safe and loved at IAR’s Armenian Sanctuary.

Check out Leo stretching his legs, rolling around, and trying to climb a tree. Is it not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? All of these activities will help prepare Leo for life in the wild one day.

“What is that bright red thing?” It’s just a flower, Leo! Talk about a curious bear. How could anyone take this innocent baby from his mother?

Even in a few photos, watching sweet Leo enjoy nature is heartwarming. It is IAR’s hope that one day Leo will be able to return to the wild and experience real freedom.


While Leo’s story certainly is absurd, sadly, it’s not abnormal. This is the same truth wild animals are exposed to across the world day after day at the hands of humans. While no one or nothing could replace the life Leo should have had with his mother, the rescuers at International Animal Rescue will see to it that he becomes a healthy and confident bear ready to take on all that life has to offer.

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All Image Source: International Animal Rescue/ Facebook