Beagle Freedom Project has spent seven years fighting to give normal lives to animals kept in laboratories and used for experimentation – and because of their work, many dogs who were exploited for testing now have not only freedom but also families that love and respect them. One of those special dogs is Bond Bea – a beagle who had just celebrated her first birthday out of laboratory!

Bea was one of the thousands of beagles that are used in laboratories in the U.S. According to Beagle Freedom Project, every year, the labs exploit nearly 70,000 dogs, 96 percent of which are beagles. The breed is targeted because of the traits that also make them one of the most popular and beloved breeds of dogs – beagles are tolerant, patient, eager to please, and extremely loyal. Their docility and small size unfortunately make them perfect candidates for such facilities as biomedical laboratories, universities, and medical and veterinary schools. The tests they are subjected to include force-feeding, skins applications, injections, and many others.

Since its founding, Beagle Freedom Project has saved the lives of many beagles that now finally enjoy their lives and new homes.

Bond Bea’s third birthday was also her first real birthday – and her new family did everything to make up for the time she had spent in the lab and let her know that she was seriously special.



For her birthday, the lucky beagle got a proper birthday cake, lots of treats, and presents – a scenario completely different to her past two birthdays which she had to spend in an enclosure, without any special treatment. But now, after the time she had spent in the laboratory, every day must seem like a birthday to Bond Bea.

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All image source: Beagle Freedom Project/Facebook